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Last Updated March 29, 2021

Do you want to save more money or get out of debt? One easy way to save more money is being organized. There are many benefits to being organized—especially when it comes to your finances. Find out 9 proven benefits of being organized that saves money and time.

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Why Is Organization Important?

Being organized is so important because it can reduce stress in your life. Your mind is constantly racing if you live in disorganized chaos. You’re probably always looking for something, missing appointments, late on bills, and living in a cluttered situation.

When you’re organized, your mind is free to focus on achieving your goals instead of stressing out. You can also save a ton of time and money when you’re organized. Let’s go over some proven financial benefits of being organized…

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Financial Benefits Of Being Organized

1. You Get the Best Deals

The first benefit of being organized is you get the best deals. Being organized saves money by allowing you to get the best deals. By planning your purchases in advance, you can make sure you’re getting the best price on that item.

When you wait until the last minute to buy things you need, you usually have to pay full price because you don’t have much time to shop around for a good deal. When you’re organized, you can plan ahead for anything you need, and purchase things when they are on sale or clearance.

One easy way you can save money and get the best deals is by using online coupons and rebate sites. This helps you save money any time you shop in store or online.

My favorite cash back site is Rakuten. If you don’t have an account, sign up right now! It is literally FREE money. When you sign up right now and purchase something you will get a $40.00 bonus. 

2. You Save Money On Food

benefits of being organized

Meal prepping is one of the biggest ways being organized saves money on your food bill. It saves you money because you will be less tempted to order food out of convenience. Your meals will already be prepared and easy to consume.

You can also plan your meals around what is on sale that week at your local grocery store—which will save you even more money. Once you make a plan of what you’re going to eat that week, make a grocery list before going to the grocery store. Having a grocery list will help you make sure you only buy what you need.

You can download a FREE Weekly Meal Planner in my Resource Library. I have made it simple for you to plan all your menu items. My meal planner also makes it easy to compose a shopping list and write down how much each item will cost. Finally, I have included a food inventory list for you so you can see what items you already have.

An additional way to save money on food is to use the Fetch Rewards app when going grocery shopping. Fetch is a free grocery savings app that rewards you just for snapping pictures of your receipts. That’s really it. Free rewards no matter where you get your groceries (from big box stores, mom and pop corner shops, drugstores, liquor stores, and hardware stores – it’s all fair game).

Just scan your receipts and collect your rewards. Sign up for Fetch Rewards now and use code “APREWARDS” to redeem 3K points!

3. You Avoid Fees

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Being organized saves money because it can help you make sure your bills are paid on time. By scheduling your bill payments, you will avoid costly late fees. You can either set up automatic payments or manually schedule to pay your bills.

Another bonus to regularly paying your bills on time is if you accidentally forget to pay a bill, your creditor may be more inclined to waive the fee because of your stellar payment history.

This recently happened to me. I forgot to pay my American Express credit card bill the other day. However, when I called to ask for the late fee to be waived, they quickly agreed to do so with little hassle. I don’t think they would’ve been willing to waive the fee if I was always late with paying my credit card bill.

4. You Get Lower Interest Rates

One of the many benefits of being organized is you get lower interest rates. Paying your bills on time will help increase your credit score. As a result, your high credit score will allow you to get more access to lower interest rates. So as you can see, being organized saves money because it allows you to get a lower interest rate.

If you have a decent credit score, or you’ve recently improved your credit score, it’s a good time to take advantage of lower interest rates because you can potentially save a LOT of money.

Right now, interest rates for loans are extremely low.  So consider getting a personal loan at a lower interest to pay off your credit card debt, refinancing your student loans or mortgage at a lower rate.

5. You Buy Less

Being organized saves money because it will help you know exactly what you own. Since you know what you own, you tend to buy less. You no longer have to buy an item because you either can’t find it or don’t know you already own it.

6. Saves You Time

benefits of being organized

Everyone knows time is money. By keeping things well organized, you can save yourself time. The more organized you are, the less time you spend looking for things. You can therefore spend your time on things that are productive.

7. You Can Earn Extra Money

As I mentioned earlier, one benefit of being organized is it saves you time. Having more time will allow you to spend your time on things that will earn you extra money. For example, you can have a second job, side hustle, or side business.

Also, being organized can help you recognize the things you no longer use. If you have everything organized, you tend to know what you use and what you don’t use. You can sell the things you don’t use and make some extra money.

8. You Know How Much You’re Spending

One of the benefits of being organized is you know exactly how much you’re spending. Being organized and having a budget helps you get control of your finances. If you’re aware of how much you’re spending, you will tend to spend less. 

If you’re just starting out, you can download my FREE Monthly Budget Worksheet

However, if you want to get serious with your savings and need something a little more sophisticated, you can get my Monthly Budget Template.  This is the template I actually use to save over 50% of my income every month and it’s the same template I use to this date.

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9. You Will Waste Less

Being organized saves money because you will waste less. When you know what you have, you will tend to use it. For example, how many times have we had food go bad or expire because we forgot we had it? By knowing what food you have, you will be more inclined to eat it and not let it go to waste.

The same thing can be said with other things in your home. If you can see what you have, you will most likely use it; and therefore waste less.

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There are so many benefits of being organized. Being organized saves money and time in many different ways. Now that you see the many benefits of being organized, take some time to reorganize the different areas of your life. It will save you hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars.

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