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Do you set financial goals, but have a hard time actually achieving it? I know how you feel. I had a hard time achieving my goals too, but then I found a system that works. In this article, I will share this system with you and show you how to accomplish your financial goals.


How To Accomplish Your Financial Goals


1) Break Down Goals Into Smaller Milestones

You should break down yearly financial goals into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

For example, let’s say you have a goal of saving at least $600 in the next 12 months. I would break this goal down into smaller milestones of saving $50 per month. Then break it down further to how much I would need to save per week and per day.

Use this FREE Daily Goal Planner to make sure you do something every day to work towards your goals.

free daily goal planner

2) Consider Potential Pitfalls

Next, if you want to accomplish your financial goals, you need to take into consideration the things that may cause potential pitfalls. Then figure out how to remedy that or avoid the pitfall altogether.

You want to avoid anything that could keep you from reaching your goal.

For example, going back to my goal of saving $50 per month, I know I may be tempted to buy a cup of $5 Starbucks coffee multiple times during the month. Therefore, I would try to make my coffee before heading to work or taking a route to work that doesn’t require me to pass a Starbucks.

3) Plan To Work Towards Your Financial Goals Regularly

Financial New Year’s Resolutions

You need to do something every day that will bring you closer to your goals. I recommend using a daily planner to help you accomplish your financial goals. I prefer daily planners that are goal-oriented because it will help you make a plan.

Write out your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Also, have a “to-do” list and cross off tasks as you accomplish it.

Lastly, whenever you get the feeling, you should take notes and write down your thoughts periodically. I find that writing down my thoughts and goals all in one place helps me focus on my goal, and serve as a reminder of why I need to stay motivated.

4) Review Your Progress Periodically

If you want to accomplish your financial goals, you want to review your progress at least every month. I also have quarterly reviews and analyze my data to see if I am on schedule to accomplish my goals for the year.

It is important to track your progress. This way you can analyze what actions are successful and what actions need improvements.

Recommended Tools To Help You Accomplish Your Financial Goals

I think it’s important to have a goal planner to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Here are four different goal planners I have used and can personally recommend. All these planners have helped me get closer to my financial goals one way or another. Hopefully, with this information, you’re able to find a planning system that you like.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Get your bundle now!

I’ve personally paid for this bundle and been using it for the past few months. I must say the value is AMAZING and it has made a difference in my life!

The Productivity Bundle is over 45 different products related to increasing your productivity bundled into one package. If you purchased each product separately, it would cost you over $1,500; but the bundle is priced at $49.97 (an incredible 96% off).

There’s also a “cheat sheet” that you can add to your purchase. This is a game changer, because with these time-saving cheat sheets, you can review all the bundle’s material in less than half the time, and then dive deeper into the topics that are most interesting to you.

The cheat sheet summarizes each product to help you find what you need easier.

The products are also sorted into the following sub-categories:

  • Daily Planners
  • Goal Planners
  • Goal Setting
  • Home Management
  • Mindset & Self Care
  • Productivity At Work
  • Time Management

Even if you only like 2 or 3 products out of the entire bundle, it would be worth the price.

Get your bundle now!

My favorite planner in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is The S.O.S. Planner (a $34 value if purchased separately). I think this is a solid planner you can use if you don’t already have a daily planner. It is also good to use in conjunction with any planner you already have.

You can print one of the planners, and make it your new daily planner (whichever seems to fit your needs best). Or you can mix and match the different planners to make something perfect for you.

Although I already purchased a daily planner that I’m pretty satisfied with, I still found value in these planners. I printed out sections of different planners to supplement the planner I already have.

Daily Planners inside the bundle

Goal Planners inside the bundle

With 9 different daily planners and 8 different goal planners, I’m sure you will be able to find something that you like. And if one planner isn’t perfect, you can combine it with parts of another planner to make it just right for you.


  • You get a lot of value for the price.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • With so many products to choose from, you don’t have to wait until January to use it.
  • It’s so much more than a goal planner. There are daily planners; home management planners; time management products; products to increase productivity; and products to increase mindset and self-care.
  • You can customize by combining products to make a planner how you want it.
  • The cheat sheet summarizes each product to help you find what you need easier.


  • You might not find value in every product.
  • It can be overwhelming to find what you need without the cheat sheet.

My Opinion/How I Use It:

I highly recommend the Ultimate Productivity Bundle. You will definitely find a few products you love.

Since there are so many products to choose from, I purchased the time-saving cheat sheets. I think the cheat sheets are necessary so you can review all the bundle’s material in less time.

You may feel overwhelmed by the choices without the cheat sheets. The cheat sheet is helpful because it summarizes each product to help you find what you need easier.

I use the Ultimate Productivity Bundle in conjunction with my Law of Attraction Goal Planner (reviewed above). However, this productivity bundle can definitely be used on its own.

I think the Ultimate Productivity Bundle is best for people who want a planner for all areas of their life. It helps you with productivity, goal setting, time management, home management, and so much more!

I would definitely recommend the Ultimate Productivity Bundle to all of my readers. You can read more about The Ultimate Productivity Bundle in my article “5 Ways To Be More Productive: The Ultimate Productivity Bundle.”

You can check out the different planners in the Ultimate Productivity Bundle right here:

Learn More!

Law Of Attraction Planner

I recommend this Law of Attraction planner I purchased from Amazon. This is the planner I am currently using and it is amazing.

It is designed to increase productivity and happiness! I know you’re thinking “How can a planner make me happier?” They have these great affirmations and questions that trigger thoughts of gratitude. It has definitely put me in a better mood on days I wasn’t feeling so great.  

This planner is good for productivity because it will help manage your time and force you to break down goals into more manageable pieces. It includes a fold-out vision board, mind maps, reflection pages, habit trackers, to-do lists, blank journal pages, stickers, and a folder in the back. 

The layout of the planner starts with extensive brainstorming and goal setting.  After you have mapped out all the goals you would like to achieve, the layout is a monthly view followed by weekly/daily views. 

There is also a notes and reflection section at the end of each month.  This triggers you to think about all the things you accomplished (and didn’t accomplish) for the month.  It makes you think about ways you can do better next month and celebrates your accomplishments so far.


  • It is more affordable than other planners like it.  Expect to pay between $25-$40.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • They have an undated version, so you don’t have to wait until January to use it.
  • This is a life planner, and it forces you to think about how to improve all the areas of your life (including finances).


  • You can’t customize the planner exactly how you want it.
  • If you purchase the undated version, you have to spend time dating it.


My Opinion/How I Use It:

I highly recommend the Law Of Attraction Goal Planner.  When I use this planner, I definitely find myself being more productive and happier.  

I like that this planner forces you to envision all the things you want to accomplish–not just things for this year, but throughout your lifetime.  

The Law of Attraction Goal Planner is very thought-provoking.  It makes you think about what you want to accomplish and then prompts you to reflect on your progress periodically. It also makes you contemplate other areas in your life you would like to improve.  

For someone like me that’s really focused on finances, I need that reminder to consider other areas in my life I can improve.

I think this option is best for people who want a planner that’s all set up and ready for them to just plug in their goals.  This is also a great planner for people who are looking to improve in all areas of their life–not just finances.  

Some of the other areas in your life this planner prompts you to think about are spiritual, health, career, family, relationship, and personal growth.

Finally, it is undated so you can use it right now and not have to wait until January to start planning. This is a great option to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Custom Planner

Amazon Financial Goal Planner

If you do not like the Law of Attraction planner, or cannot find a planner that fits your personal needs, consider creating one.

I have made the planner pictured below at You can customize your planner in many different ways to 100% fit your needs.  

accomplish your financial goals
The cover is a little beat up…lol…but I’ve been using this planner daily for the past year

This planner is truly a customizable planner.  The options are so endless that it is inevitable you will be able to create a planner that’s exactly (or extremely close to) how you want it.  

Agendio offers 349 models, 17 page configurations, and 3 sizes (Journal, Medium, and Large). The ways you can organize and arrange your planner are pretty limitless, and you may end up with something that looks TOTALLY different than what I designed.

I have included pictures of how I customized the inside of my planner for you to see below.  But keep in mind, the customized planners will most likely be more expensive.

My Opinion

I recommend this planner for people who can’t seem to find a planner that fits their lifestyle.  Maybe you searched all over, and still haven’t come across a planner that has everything you need.  

For example, maybe you work nights, and all the planners you see have their daily hours from 8 AM – 8 PM.  Or maybe you just don’t like the design of other planners. If that’s the case, an Agendio planner would be perfect for you because you can make it exactly to your liking to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Bullet/Dot Journal

Amazon Financial Goal Planner

Amazon Financial Goal Planner

If the customized planners are too expensive for you, but you still want an option to create a planner, consider a bullet/dot journal.  A bullet journal, also known as a dot journal, is literally a journal filled with dots (as opposed to lines).

A bullet journal can be a to-do list, journal, and planner all in one.  It is a blank canvas that you make your own. The dots make it very flexible for you to create different layouts.  

The concept is a bit difficult to understand, so if bullet journaling is new to you, read “Dot Journaling-A Practical Guide.” 

This book will help better explain what a bullet/dot journal is.  You will also get help starting and planning your bullet journal.

I have personally read this book and found it very helpful when I was setting up my bullet journal.  Right now the Kindle version of this book is very affordable. 

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the FREE Kindle Reading App.  Most books I’ve purchased are cheaper if you buy the Kindle version of it, instead of the paper version. 

You don’t need a Kindle E-Reader to access Kindle books. The Kindle app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android Tablet, and iPad.

A bullet/dot journal is a great option for people who want to be able to design their own planner. It’s more of a system for productivity planning than a specific journal.

The Dot Journaling-A Practical Guide gives you a lot of different ideas of things you can use your bullet journal for. Such as:

  • A Regular Journal
  • Calendar
  • Habit Tracker
  • Packing List
  • Chore List
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Savings Tracker

This list only names a few things you can use your bullet journal for.  The options are endless! I have personally read this book and found it very helpful.

My Opinion/How I Use It:

A bullet/dot journal gives you a key for logging and tracking activities, but also allows you to design the layouts in whatever way you feel inspired to.

I use my bullet/dot journal as my savings tracker, to take notes from books I’m currently reading, and journal my thoughts. However, you can use your bullet/dot journal as a daily planner too if you wish.

I am currently using this dot journal that I have purchased from Amazon. I found the paper and the book to be a good quality for the price. Another option is you can purchase the dot journal guide book along with a journal together in one package.

The one downside to bullet/dot journals is it may take a lot of time to set it up how you like it.

So as a way to save time, I also purchased the stencils below and stickers to help set up my bullet journal. It helps you save time because you can quickly make designs—but this is purely up to you.

Amazon Bullet Journal Stencils

Digital Planner

Although I like having paper planners, I’m also using a digital planner in conjunction with my paper planner. However, you can use an electronic planner in lieu of a paper planner if you prefer.

I recommend this web-based planner that I’m currently using called Goals On Track.

I love this system because it helps you develop and stick to your SMART goal. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

With this electronic planner you can break up big goals into smaller milestones; offline tracking; and it even has a journal section. I’ve written a detailed review of the Goals On Track system that you can read HERE.


In order to accomplish your financial goals, I recommend creating an action plan. Write down what steps you need to take to achieve your goals and break your goal into smaller milestones. Also, take into consideration the things that may prohibit you from reaching your goal.  Finally, you have to do something every day that will bring you closer to achieving your financial goal.

To help you with that, you can use this FREE Daily Goal Planner. The daily goal planner will help you make a to-do list and prioritize your tasks that you need to accomplish in a day. You can use this free printable in conjunction with your planning system.

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