Goal Setting

  • How To Change Your Money Mindset So You Can Have More Money

    cost of penny pinching

    Do you wish you didn’t have to struggle so much with money? Much of your financial journey is emotional. It has more to do with your money mindset than numbers. In order to make positive changes for the better, it is important to look inward and examine why your relationship with money is the way […]


  • How A Financial Goal Planner Will Save You More Money

    financial goal planning

    Are you sick of not having money? Do you find yourself in the same financial situation year after year? Whatever your financial goals, you need to have a financial goal planner.  Financial goal planning was paramount to my financial success.   You can make financial goals, and even write them down, but a planner will help […]


  • Why Financial New Year’s Resolutions Can Be A Waste Of Time

    financial new year's resolutions

    Are you excited to move into the New Year? Let me guess, you feel like ”new year, new me” right? I don’t blame you! I too would get excited about a “fresh start” and make all sorts of financial New Year’s resolutions…but I’m here to tell you that’s a complete waste of time. Only about […]


  • 10 Tips To Improve Your Time Management Skills

    improve your time management skills

    Do you wish you could be better at managing your time? I know this is something I’ve struggled with until I found a system and tools that worked for me. In this article, I will show you tips to improve your time management skills and some tools to help you. As we go through each […]


  • Why You Need A Financial Wellness Coach

    financial wellness coach

    If you need help getting your finances in order or learning the basics of budgeting, you might need the help of a financial wellness coach. A financial coach is different from other financial professionals. Not sure what kind of help you need? In this article, I explain the difference between a financial coach and other […]


  • 17 Tips To Have Better Finances This Year

    turn your finances around

    Did your New Year’s Resolutions even last until February? If not, it’s time to take action to get back on track! Find out 17 easy ways you can turn things around and have better finances this year. How To Get Control And Have Better Finances Write Down Your Financial Goals It is important to have […]


  • Paying Debt Vs. Saving: Which Is Best?

    Paying Debt Vs. Saving

    Sometimes we have so many financial goals that we don’t know what’s the best way to achieve them. I know when I started my financial journey, I struggled with deciding on if I should pay off my debt first or start saving for the future. In this article we will look at paying debt vs. […]


  • 9 Amazing Ways Being Organized Saves Money And Your Time

    Organized saves money

    Do you want to save more money or get out of debt? One easy way to save more money is being organized. There are many benefits to being organized—especially when it comes to your finances. Find out 9 ways being organized saves money and time. How Being Organized Saves Money You Get The Best Deals […]