save more money and get out of debt...fast!

What if I told you you could save more money without being a frugal penny-pincher or working more hours? The Monthly and Yearly budget templates has everything you need to save money faster than you ever thought possible.

I will show you how I use my excel budget spreadsheet. Learn how to make a monthly household budget spreadsheet. Save money with my editable template. #DaveRamsey
Budget Templates

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take control of your finances and stop stressing over money today.

Get your spending under control with this money management system designed to help you save more money and get out of debt…so you can spend more time doing the things you LOVE!

*Please note this is a digital download.

you deserve to be happy and not stressed over money!

the Budget Templates will help you:

*Please note this is a digital download.

Do You Struggle With Any Of The Following?

but, what if you could...


monthly and yearly budget templates

Take control of your finances in as little as 30 minutes a month! Stop stressing over money and start living your BEST life WHILE also achieving your financial goals.

Monthly Budget Template
Yearly Budget Template

Here's what you'll get

SEE WHAT THE monthly budget template looks like:

get the monthly and yearly budget templates

*Please note this is a digital download.

You can spend hours setting up the perfect budget, but all those hours don’t matter if you don’t use it. A budget isn’t about eating beans and rice or being super frugal. It’s about spending money on the things that make you happy and eliminating the other stuff.

how will the ultimate budget binder help you:

Benefit #1: Manage Your Money With Ease

Benefit #2: Save more money Every month

Benefit #3: Peace of mind to never stress over money again

Benefit #4: achieve your financial goals faster


*Please note this is a digital download.


who am i to help you with your money?

I’m Dafina, a financial coach, lawyer, and the founder of Dollars Plus Sense. For years I struggled with trying to save money and get out of debt.

I’m a spender at heart, so it took a lot of tries before coming up with a system to manage my money that WORKED.

By making a plan for my money, I was able to save over 50% of my income and eventually get rid of my 6-figure (non-mortgage) debt.

I’ve created the Monthly and Yearly Budget templates so you could experience the same results and save more money than you ever thought possible!

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Get the Monthly and Yearly Budget Templates for just $19 (a $49 value)!

*Please note this is a digital download.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Budget Templates are for anyone who feels overwhelmed and struggles with managing their money. It’s also for anyone who wants to save more money and ready to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

The Budget Templates are designed to help you make a budget that works, save more money, reduce your expenses, and tackle your debt.

It includes two Excel spreadsheets (one monthly budget spreadsheet and one yearly budget spreadsheet) and two Google Sheets spreadsheets (one monthly budget spreadsheet and one yearly budget spreadsheet) to help you get organized and take control of your finances.

You also get a User Guide that explains exactly how to use the Budget Templates.

Plus you get my wildly popular Budget Starter Guide (a $32 value) where I share my simple 5-step process to help you FINALLY make a budget that WORKS!

In this guide you will learn: how much to spend so your budget is realistic, how to handle irregular expenses so your budget never gets thrown off again, an effortless way to track your spending and stick to your budget, how to analyze your cashflow so you can find hidden money every month, and so much more!

Your Budget Templates will be delivered to you instantly via email and will have a subject line that says “Your DOLLARS PLUS SENSE order is now complete.” You will then be able to download your Budget Templates directly to your computer.

Yes, you can edit the files. The download will be sent to you as an Excel spreadsheet and also as a Google Sheet spreadsheet. You can edit the spreadsheets if you like.

You need a free Google account if you want to use the spreadsheets in Google Sheets.

You need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to use it as an Excel spreadsheet.

The Monthly and Yearly Budget Templates are $19.


So when it comes to numbers and spreadsheets, I have always epically failed to understand them. But this spreadsheet was super easy and simple to use. Plus, I was able to personalize the sheet to my preferences. I'm so happy I found this spreadsheet.
This spreadsheet is amazing! This is exactly what I needed to help me keep a budget and start getting to know my finances better! I highly recommend this spreadsheet! Thanks again for helping me get my finances together for the New Year!

get the monthly and yearly
budget templates

(A $49 Value)

*Please note this is a digital download.