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Last Updated April 20, 2023

Finding a great Mother’s Day gift can be tricky, especially if you’re on a budget. If you’re like me, you don’t like to give cheap gifts just because you’re on a budget. However, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to give an amazing gift. In this article, I put together some budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mom.

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 Budget-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Get Free Cash Back On Online Purchases

One of the best budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas you can use is to shop on cash back websites. There are a few cash back websites I like to use when purchasing things online.

In general, the way these cash back websites work is you go to the cash back website and search the store you want to buy from online. Then click on that store. You are then redirected to that merchant’s website and you can shop as normal with your credit card, debit card or gift card.

You can use coupon codes and the site functions exactly as if you had not come through cash back website. After you complete your order, you will get cash back.

My favorite cash back website to use is Rakuten. Rakuten is best for general online shopping. Every quarter they will send you a check or you can get paid through PayPal. When you sign up right now and purchase something through eBates you will get a $10.00 gift card and can choose from a few different stores.

I have gotten over $1,400 in cash back since becoming a member.


Of course, you can earn a lot more depending on the stores you like to shop at and how much you spend. 

2. Buy Discounted Gift Cards Online

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Another one of my favorite budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas is to buy discounted gift cards. There are so many websites you can use to get discounted gift cards. Some of the websites I like to use to buy discounted gift cards are:

How it works is people sell their unwanted gift cards to the marketplace (you can sell your unwanted gift cards too), and you can then buy a discounted gift card for some of your favorite brands.

You can buy an electronic gift card that is almost instantly emailed to you, and then print it out; or you can purchase a physical gift card that is mailed to you—shipping is free.

I’ve been able to save up to 30% on some of my favorite brands. The one downside is some of the physical gift cards do not have round values.

For example, they will have a gift card with a value of $55.33—which makes it awkward to give as a gift. What I do when that’s the case, is buy the gift card and use it to buy an actual gift at that merchant’s store or on their website.

So for example, if I see a Macy’s gift card for 15% off, but the value is not a round number (like $55.33), I would buy the gift card for myself and then go to Macy’s to buy my gift. This way I save 15% on the gift I purchased! DOUBLE savings if you use your gift card online and one of the websites above is offering cash back!

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3. Get Mom A Passport Holder

Passport Holder Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Passport Holder Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Inspire your mom to travel the world by treating her to a nice passport holder. It has plenty of slots to keep everything you need while traveling. If your mom likes to travel, like my mom, she might even take you with her!

4. Get Mom A Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting Board Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Does Mom love to cook? Consider buying her a personalized cutting board. I love this cutting board because you can choose between 3 different types of quality wood. You can also give it a personal touch. By personalizing it, you can show Mom how much she means to you.

5. Take Mom On A Picnic

Another budget-friendly Mother’s Day idea is to take Mom on a picnic. Most moms just love the idea of bringing family together.

The weather is finally warming up, and it’s a perfect time to celebrate Mother’s Day with an outdoor picnic. You can have a picnic in a local botanical garden, park, beach, or somewhere with a killer view.

Picnic Basket Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Make sure to bring a large blanket, a basket full of food, and bug spray just in case. I love this picnic basket because it comes with: utensils, dinner plates, wine glasses, napkins, bottle opener, and a soft fleece blanket with a waterproof layer.

The menu for your picnic can be super simple. You can pack your basket with things such as sandwiches, fruit, crackers and cheese, sweet treats, beer and wine. Most of these things you can pick up already made at your local grocery store.

6. Get Mom A Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Jewelry Box Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Does your mom love jewelry? Instead of buying her more jewelry (which can be very expensive), consider giving her this amazing jewelry box. It’s perfect because it holds a lot of jewelry, but does not take up a ton of space on your dresser.

7. Get Mom A Luxurious Bathtub Tray Caddy

Bathtub Caddy Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This bathtub caddy is great if your mom loves nothing more than a warm and luxurious bath. This unique bathtub caddy is made of high quality bamboo wood and covered with a thin protective coat of lacquer.

It slides which makes it easy to customize to the right width of your bathtub. Finally, it has rubber feet to ensure the caddy doesn’t slip while in use.

8. Give Mom A Personalized Book

Personalized Book Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Remind Mom how much you love her with this personalized book. This journal has a message on each page to inspire you to write down your own memories to share with Mom.

It makes you sit down and think more into your emotions and experiences with your mom when filling it out. This is a very sentimental and meaningful gift, that will definitely serve as a keepsake your mother will cherish forever.

9. Make A Homemade Gift

My favorite gift to give my mom is a homemade gift. For example, I love to bake. Therefore, I would make a cake, cupcakes, or cookies for my mom. Sometimes making a homemade gift can be a cheaper alternative. Here’s a picture of a homemade gift I made my mom one Mother’s Day:

cup cakes Budget Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Personally, I think people (myself included) appreciate homemade gifts more than store bought because you know much more time and effort was put into the gift, and it was made with love.

So consider making a homemade gift. You don’t have to be incredibly talented or artistic—because most of the time it’s the thought that counts. No matter how small the gift may be, it shows a little thoughtfulness to those you care most about—not to mention being easier on the wallet.

10. Use Reward Points From Credit Cards

Many people these days have a credit card that offers rewards points or cash back for their purchases. If your card gives you cash back rewards, you can buy a gift and then apply the “cash” towards your credit card balance. Also, consider using your rewards points to buy gift cards.

I love Capital One’s Quicksilver Rewards card because you can earn 1.5% unlimited cashback and does not have an annual fee. I also use this card when I travel internationally because there are no foreign transaction fees. Right now, Capital One is offering a $200 bonus if you sign up for the Quicksilver Rewards card and spend $500 within 3 months. You also get 0% interest for the first 15 months.

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In summary, buying gifts for Mom can be expensive. You can’t go wrong by getting your mom a sentimental gift. To save some money on gifts consider making a homemade gift, use reward points from your credit cards, and remember to get cash back for your online purchases. Finally, you can also buy discounted gift cards online. By using these tips, you too can save a ton of money on Mother’s Day gifts.

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