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Do you ever finish your day feeling like you weren’t able to accomplish everything on your To-Do List? I understand, being productive and managing your time can be very difficult. Some days I feel like I didn’t get ANYTHING done. In this article, I’m going to show you some ways you can be productive at work without burning out.

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9 Easy Ways You Can Be Productive At Work Without Burn Out

In order to get more done without burning out, you need to work smarter—not harder. You need to structure your time more effectively and make a daily plan.

  1. Organize

Plan your schedule in advance. Spending just a few minutes planning will make a big difference with how productive you are for the rest of the day. Planning is a fundamental part of time management. Remember, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

  1. Prioritize

Always keep your goals in mind when planning. After you make a list of things you want to get done, sort each activity by most important to least important. Ask yourself, “If I could do only one thing all day long, what one thing would I do?” That should be the thing you focus your energy on first.

Productive At Work Without Burn Out

I like to use the A, B, C, D, E Method I learned in the book “Million Dollar Habits.” In this book, written by Brian Tracy, he breaks down this method as follows:

A – something you MUST do
B – something you SHOULD do
C – something that would be nice to do, but doesn’t really matter if the task is done or not
D – something you can and should delegate to others
E – something you can eliminate as quickly as possible

With this method, you complete all your A tasks before you move on to a B task, and so on. You can use my FREE Daily Goal Planner to help you prioritize your daily To-Do List.

  1. Don’t Multitask

Multitasking will compromise the quality of your work, and may even take longer to finish a task. Working on one task at a time will help you stay more focused and reduce the amount of mistakes made. Therefore, you will end up being less stressed and complete your task faster.

  1. Manage Distractions

Productive At Work Without Burn Out

This is an important tip. I don’t think we realize how often we’re actually interrupted in a day. With so many distractions (like email, text messages, social media, and colleague chit chat), you are probably interrupted hundreds of times a day.

I am guilty of this myself, and I try to limit distractions by turning off my alerts when I’m working. I try to set aside time when I will check things like email and social media.

Outside of those designated times, I try my best to stay focus on my other tasks at hand. I close my door when I’m at my office to let people know I don’t want to be interrupted. However, sometimes a closed door does not deter them; and in that case, I opt to work from home when possible.

  1. Break Larger Tasks Down

When you have a big project or goal to accomplish, break them down into smaller milestones. Having smaller bite-sized goals makes your goal more manageable and less overwhelming.

Also, you are more productive at work without burning out because you increase efficiency when you do short bursts of activity. So don’t plan to sit down for hours on end focusing on one task.

That brings me to my next point…

  1. Take Breaks

Productive At Work Without Burn Out

Another way to be more productive at work without burn out is to take regular breaks. Studies show that taking regular breaks can help with concentration and improve your mood.

You may think taking a break my slow you down, but it can improve performance and productivity. If you work continuously on a task for hours at a time, you will most certainly burn out.

I personally try to take a break after working for 2 hours. So, go ahead and take a 5-minute walk around the office, or go and grab a cup of coffee.

  1. Track How Much Time You’re Spending On Tasks

You want to track how much time you’re actually spending on a task. For example, you may block out one-hour to accomplish a task and it actually takes you two. This is because most people have a hard time accurately estimating the passage of time. You will find you waste a lot of time if you don’t track how much time you’re spending on a task.

I like to use my Goals On Track software specifically to help me with this. By tracking my time, I’m able to accomplish two things:

  1. I can try to increase my speed or productivity if I see I’m falling behind schedule, and
  2. It allows me to better gauge how long a similar task will take in the future, so I can plan better. 
  1. Work In Intervals

Working in intervals allows you to be more productive at work without burn out. This is because you limit how long you’re continuously working. As stated before, taking breaks in between tasks help with concentration and productivity.

  1. Take Care Of The Most Important Tasks First

Productive At Work Without Burn Out

Sort out the most important task and do that first. You want to tackle your most important task while your most alert. If you wait until later in the day, you may not have the most energy to accomplish this goal. So tackle the important things early in your day.

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I know how hard it can be to be productive. Not everyday will be a perfect day. But if you use some of the tips in this article, I’m sure you will find yourself being more productive at work without burnout. You can use my FREE Daily Goal Planner to help you organize your To-Do List.

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