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Last Updated September 20, 2022

Making money with 500 dollars may seem difficult, but there are actually a lot of ways you can do it. In this blog post, we will discuss several different strategies that you can use to start generating income today. Whether you want to start a business or invest in stocks, we have the perfect solution for you! Keep reading to learn more.

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Is $500 A Lot Of Money?

When it comes to making money, 500 dollars may not seem like a lot. But when you think about it, 500 dollars is actually a lot of money. Not everyone has that much to spare and there are a lot of things you can do with that amount of cash. In fact, I’m going to share a few ideas to help you make money with 500 dollars.

How To Make Passive Income With 500 Dollars

One of the best ways to make money is through passive income. Passive income means that you can earn money without having to work for it daily. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, so here are some ways to make passive income with $500:

1) Invest In The Stock Market

Probably one of the easiest and best ways to make money with $500 is to invest in the stock market. You don’t need a lot of money to get started, and there are a ton of different options to choose from.

One of the main ways to earn passive income from the stock market is by investing in dividend paying stocks. If you want to learn more about dividend investing, I talk about this extensively inside my membership Budget To Freedom Society.

In my Passive Profits course (for annual members) you will learn how to research and find stocks that can create a passive income for you. So, if you’re interested in this course, you can sign up for the Budget To Freedom Society HERE.

If you’re not sure where to start, and really have no clue what stocks to choose, I would recommend using a robo-advisor. A robo-advisor is an online automated advisor. They will invest your money for you based on your specific goals using computer algorithms.

A great option to use if you’re just getting started is Acorns. I recommend Acorns because they will choose the best investment for you based on your financial goals. When you invest your money, you make your money work hard for you.

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If you have an idea of what companies you want to invest in, then I recommend you check out Robinhood. I personally use Robinhood to purchase individual stocks and ETFs. This website is great because you can buy and sell stocks for free—there are no commissions or fees.

Sign up today and you can get a FREE stock like Apple or Facebook. With Robinhood you also don’t need a minimum account balance, so you can get started right away.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, Acorns or Robinhood, check out my detailed article “Acorns vs. Robinhood: Which Is Best?

2) Open A High-Yield Savings Account Or A CD Account

Another great way to make money with $500 is to open a high-yield savings account. I like CIT Bank because they pay competitive interest rates (right now it’s 10x the national average), have no monthly maintenance fees, and you only need $100 to open an account.

You can also consider opening a CD account. A CD (Certificate of Deposit) is a great way to make money because you deposit your money in the bank for a set amount of time, usually 6 months to 5 years, and the bank pays you interest on your money. CDs usually pay higher interest than savings accounts because you agree to keep your money in the bank for a certain amount of time.

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3) Invest In Real Estate

Another great way to make passive income with $500 is by investing in rental properties. You can make a lot of money investing in real estate, but it’s not always the easiest or quickest way to make money because it often requires a lot of start-up capital…until now.

There are a few different ways you can get started with rental properties for only $500. For example, one way is with real estate crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is where you pool your money with other investors to purchase a property. These are usually larger projects, such as apartment buildings or office buildings.

Real estate crowdfunding is a great way to invest in real estate if you only have $500 to get started because you don’t need as much money to invest (since you’re pooling your money with other people).

I recommend starting with a crowdfunding platform such as Arrived if you’re interested in real estate crowdfunding. Arrived allows you to easily invest in rental homes by buying shares of properties and making money off those shares (through rental income and appreciation). 

This is a good opportunity if you want a way to get passive and consistent income from real estate without the big upfront investment and traditional landlord/tenant relationship. You can invest with as little as $100 and you have no operational responsibility (like maintenance requests and collecting rent).

As with any investment, I recommend you read more about it before actually putting up any money. You can learn more about Arrived HERE.

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Another way you can make money with 500 dollars in real estate is to invest in real estate investment trusts (aka REITs). A REIT is a company that owns or finances income-producing real estate. REITs are a great way to make money in real estate because they often pay high dividends.

A REIT is legally required to distribute 90% of its taxable earnings. Therefore, REITs often have high dividend yields and are great if you’re looking for a way to generate passive income. You can buy REITs through your broker or online through a platform like Robinhood.

Real estate crowdfunding and REITs are great options if you want to invest in real estate but don’t have a lot of start-up cash and don’t want the hassle of owning and managing rental properties yourself.

4) Start A Blog

If you’re passionate about something, then starting a blog is a great way to make money with 500 dollars.

In order to start your blog, all you need is a domain name (for example my domain name is and web hosting. In simple terms, web hosting is the space where your blog is stored.

There are many companies that offer web hosting, but I would recommend using BlueHost if you’re just getting started because they’re pretty cheap and you can get started for only $2.95/month.

Once you have an online platform, there are a few different ways you can make money passively from blogging:

  • Affiliate marketing – the way affiliate marketing work is you endorse a product on your blog and earn a commission every time someone clicks on your affiliate links, buys the product, or uses that service you endorsed.
  • Sell advertising space – you can sell advertising space on your blog and get paid for how many times people see or click on the advertisement.
  • Selling your own products – you can create your own digital product, like an eBook or printable, and sell them on your blog. You can also sell physical products you create in your online shop.

I do all three on my blog Dollars Plus Sense.

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5) Start A YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel and earn money by making YouTube videos. You can invest $500 into a good video camera and microphone to produce high-quality videos. If you don’t want to spend any additional money, you can use your smartphone (if you have one) to record videos.

There are many YouTubers who make millions of dollars every year. If you become popular, the great thing is companies will pay you to promote their products through your videos. Like a blog, you can also make money through affiliate marketing, ads, and selling your own products.

6) Peer-To-Peer Lending

Another great way to make money with 500 dollars is through peer-to-peer lending. With peer-to-peer lending, you can earn a higher interest rate on your money than you would with a savings account.

There are a few different platforms you can use to start lending money. Check out this article from Investopedia to learn more about the best peer-to-peer lending platforms.

There are a few different platforms you can use to start lending money. Check out this article from Investopedia to learn more about the best peer-to-peer lending platforms.

7) Write A Book And Self-Publish It

Writing a book is how some people make passive money online. Writing a book is a good way to generate passive income because once you write it, it can be sold over and over again without any additional work from you.

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Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction how much you get paid depends on how much interest people have in your book. Before you start writing your book, do some research on what topics are popular and in-demand so you can increase your chances of selling more copies.

There are many companies, such as Amazon and Barns & Noble, that offer publishing services to make their books available to the public.

8) Start A Podcast

Even if you’re not famous, you can still earn money by starting your own podcast. It doesn’t matter how big your fanbase is. If you have a niche, then there are people out there that want to hear what you have to say.

Like bloggers and YouTubers, podcasters make money by getting sponsorship or by selling things directly to their fanbase. Use your $500 and invest in the proper equipment you’re going to need to start a podcast. This may include a microphone, software, and hosting.

9) Create An Online Course

Do you know how to do something that other people want to learn how it’s done? Then how about creating an online course to show them how? Whether it’s how to make a certain type of food or how to fix a certain appliance how much you make depends on how popular your course is and how in-depth it is.

If you create a very detailed course that teaches people how to do something then they might be willing to pay a lot of money for such valuable information.

Creating a course is a great way to make passive income because once you create it you can continue to sell it over and over again without having to do any additional work (except for occasionally updating the information if it changes over time).

10) Create An App

Do you have a great idea for an app? Well, how about creating it and selling it to the public so they can download it from their smartphones. Just make sure your app is actually useful to people. How much you get paid will depend on how well it’s received.

You can make passive income by creating an app and charging people to download it. You can also make money by selling in-app purchases or advertisements.

How To Make Money With 500 Dollars

Although I think passive income is wonderful, there are still many ways you can make money with 500 dollars. So, here are some other great ways to make $500:

1) Get Paid To Play Video Games

If you’re a gamer, then finding ways to make money by playing video games is a great idea. You can sign up for a website like Gamer Sensei where they pay you to be a video game coach. You can invest your $500 in buying video games and gaming equipment to get started.

2) Sell Your Crafts & Artwork Online

Are you talented in art? Selling your stuff online is how most artists make money nowadays. If you’re an artist, then sign up to Etsy where you can sell your crafts and artwork. Etsy is an online marketplace where people primarily sell homemade goods. So use your $500 to buy the materials you need to make your crafts/artwork.

3) Flip Items You Buy At Flea Markets

One way to make money with 500 dollars is by taking items you buy at flea markets and selling them for more on platforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This is how people who run small businesses operate so it’s something that anyone can do without too much hassle or effort.

4) Sell Old iPhones & iPads To Apple

Apple takes back used iPhones and iPads so they can refurbish them for other people to buy in their stores. Just take an old iPhone or iPad to a store and they will give you an Apple gift card in return.

If you don’t want the gift card and prefer cash, you can sell your gift card on websites such as

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5) Sell Old Sports Equipment On Craigslist or eBay

One way to make money fast is by selling old sports equipment on websites like Craigslist and eBay. If you have old baseball, basketball, football, or other sports equipment lying around, or you can buy them for cheap, then list them for sale on these websites. People are always searching for affordable sports gear so there’s a good chance your items will sell quickly.

6) Rent Out Your Home On VRBO Or Airbnb

If you own a home or have an extra room, you can make money by renting it out on or You can set your own price and schedule, and people who are looking for a place to stay will book your home.

Renting out your house is a great way to make money because you can control how much you work and when you work. Plus, you get to meet interesting people from all over the world!

Take your $500 and invest in buying some things to make your rental more appealing to guests, such as fresh sheets and towels, a fully stocked kitchen, and a TV with cable.

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I personally prefer VRBO as a host over Airbnb because I feel they are more serious about protecting owners (if for example, a guest trashes your house or cancels a reservation last minute), whereas Airbnb is more pro-guests. I’ve used both websites when renting out my house and have had a MUCH better experience with VRBO over Airbnb.

7) Mow Lawns For People In Your Neighborhood

Use your $500 and invest in a lawnmower. You can earn some extra cash on the weekends or whenever else during the day that you have time to mow lawns. If you’re not afraid of hard work, there’s a lot of money to be made mowing lawns.

8) Detail Or Wash Cars For People In Your Neighborhood

Another easy way to make money is by detailing or washing cars for people in your neighborhood. Make a “car wash” sign so your neighbors know you’re open for business. Then charge per car or whatever service they want to be done.

It’s also how some professional car washers make money, so it pays well if you’re good at what you do. Use your $500 to buy some car detailing supplies (such as a hose, bucket, soap, and towels) and start washing cars!

9) Do Yard Work

Similar to how you can make money mowing lawns, another way to earn money fast is by doing yard work for people who live near you. Do some research on how much each yard service costs in your area so you can price accordingly.

It’s easy money and a lot of people are happy to pay someone else to do yardwork for them so they don’t have to. Use your $500 to buy some gardening tools (such as a rake, shovel, and hoe) and start working!

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10) Teach How To Play A Musical Instrument

If you’re skilled with how to play a particular musical instrument, then teaching how to play is how you can make money fast. You can charge per hour for your music lessons or teach during the weekend at your house in your spare time.

There are a lot of people out there who want to learn how to play a musical instrument, so this can be a great way to make some extra cash. Use your $500 and invest in some music books or other teaching materials and you’re ready to start giving lessons!

11) Perform In Local Gigs In Your Neighborhood

If you have musical talent, you can make money by playing in local shows around town. Invest in buying a quality musical instrument (if you don’t already have one) and start promoting your gigs online or through word-of-mouth.

You can also promote your gigs by passing out flyers in high foot traffic areas around town.

12) Bake Cookies/Cupcakes/Cakes

Baking can be an excellent way to make money if you only have $500 to start. Use your $500 to buy some baking supplies (such as baking pans, flour, sugar, eggs, butter) and get started! With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with all sorts of flavors and designs for your baked goods that people will love.

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Cake and cookies I baked for my cousin’s baby shower

You can bake from home and sell your baked goods to family and friends. Post your work online and take orders that way, or even sell your cupcakes/cakes at local farmer’s markets or fairs. You can also make a few hundred dollars per cake if you bake really elaborate cakes for special occasions (such as weddings).

13) Sew/Alter Clothes

If you’re skilled in sewing, you can make money by sewing or altering clothes for people in your neighborhood. Invest your $500 into buying a sewing machine and some fabric.

You can also make great money by taking on custom sewing projects from people who need something special made. Use your creativity and sewing skills to come up with new designs for clothes that will stand out from the rest. You can charge per item or per hour, depending on how much time it takes you to sew each piece.

14) Do Handyman Work/Small Repairs

If you’re handy with tools and know how to do basic repairs, you can make money by doing handyman work or small repairs for people. Use your $500 to buy some basic tools (such as a hammer, screwdriver, drill).

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You can also offer other services such as painting, carpentry, or electrical work. Start advertising your services online or through word-of-mouth and watch the jobs come in!

15) Be A Personal Trainer

If you’re health and fitness-minded, then being a personal trainer is how you can make extra cash. You can train people in your own home or go to their homes to train them.

You may need to invest in some quality workout equipment (such as dumbbells, a weight bench, and yoga mats) to get started.

16) Deliver Food

You can use your $500 to buy a bike or a car, then start delivering food. You can sign up to become a food deliverer on websites such as DoorDash, Postmates, or UberEats. How much you make depends on how quickly and how far you deliver the food.

17) Produce A Low-Budget Movie

Making your own movie can be a way to make money with $500. It takes a lot of time to produce an entire film but how much you earn depends on how successful it is once it’s released. Some people have even managed to get their films into major film festivals that are well-known all around the world. This gives them exposure which can turn into a lot of money.

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18) Teach Lessons

If you know how to do something, whether it’s how to play guitar, how to speak another language, how to sing, etc., then you can teach lessons in your free time. You can teach online or in-person, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

19) Make T-Shirts For Other People

If you’re good at graphic design or digital art, then making t-shirts for other people is how you can make money with $500. You can set up your own business and start getting orders from your friends and family members first. Once you get the ball rolling, you can expand your clientele and start getting orders from strangers.

20) Learn A High-Income Skill

One of the best ways to set yourself up in life and make money is to learn a high-income skill. If you know how to do something that’s in demand, then you’ll have no problem making money.

For example, someone who can code, design websites, or work in cyber security will always be able to find work because their skills are in demand. Use your $500 to learn a skill that will turn into a lifelong career.

21) Digitalize photos

Before digital cameras and smartphones, people used to take photos with cameras that required film. Once the film was developed, they would put their pictures in photo albums. Now, a lot of people are looking to get rid of those bulky photo albums and digitize their photos.

So how about helping people by digitizing their old family photos? How much you get paid is based on how many photos you can digitize.

22) Make Money By Putting Music On Youtube

One of the most interesting ways to earn cash online is by putting your music on Youtube! Whether you’re singing, playing the guitar, or performing some other type of musical set, this is yet another easy and fun way to make money!

Just sign up with Youtube and start uploading your videos. You can make money by selling your music directly to your subscribers or by placing advertisements alongside your videos.

23) Start Dropshipping On eBay And Amazon

Dropshipping is one of the newest ways to make money online. How it works is that you get products without actually having to buy them first. List the items on eBay or Amazon and sell these items at a higher price. You get paid when the item gets get sold.

It’s a pretty easy business process but how much you earn depends on how good your drop-shipping business is. You can read this article if you want to learn more about dropshipping.

24) Participate In Brand Ambassador Programs

Do you love wearing clothes, sunglasses, shoes, or other accessories from certain brands? Then how about joining their brand ambassador programs? A brand ambassador earns money when they successfully get people to purchase products from the company they’re promoting.

All you have to do is create some stylish outfits with the brand’s items then promote them on your social media accounts. How much you get paid can be quite substantial! Check out this article to see some brands that are currently looking for ambassadors.

25) Start A Dog Treat Bakery

Starting your very own dog treat bakery can be a way to make money with $500. Whether you’re baking them yourself or buying them pre-made how much you get paid depends on how many people are willing to buy them from you! Use your $500 to invest in some quality ingredients, equipment, and marketing materials.

26) Create And Sell Digital Stickers

Nowadays a lot of people are opting to use digital planners instead of paper planners. Therefore, if you have a talent for creating digital stickers you can make money fast. You can sell your digital stickers on platforms such as Etsy.

27) Design Accessories

Do you have a talent for fashion design? Another thing you can consider doing to make money is designing accessories. You can start this business online for less than $500 by creating your own store on platforms like Shopify where people will be able to buy the things you designed.

28) Become A Photographer

Are you good at taking pictures and editing them? If yes, then how about becoming a photographer for other people? Other than taking photos of products you can also take pictures for events such as weddings! You can buy a good quality camera for $500. This is a great way to make money because people are willing to pay you BIG bucks for your photos.

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How To Make $500 Fast

I shared with you a lot of great ways to make money with 500 dollars, but what if you don’t even have $500 to get started? Well, here are some ways to make $500 FAST:

1) Sign Up For Rakuten And Get Cash Back

An essay way to make money is by getting cash back for the everyday items you need to buy anyway. I love using Rakuten because they offer up to 15% cash back on many products. I personally use Rakuten and have gotten over $1,350 in cash back. You can sign up here and get $30 with my link.

2) Sign Up For HealthyWage

Another great option to make money is HealthyWage. HealthyWage will give you money for losing weight. You can pick how much weight you want to lose and how long it needs to take. They will then pay you a certain amount for each pound lost.

This is a great way to make some extra cash while getting in shape at the same time!

3) Get Paid To Search The Web

Swagbucks is a unique search engine because they reward their users for searching. It’s a win-win because the user gets paid and the advertiser gets more clicks on their advertisements.

There are many ways to make money with Swagbucks. The fastest ways to earn on Swagbucks are by completing surveys, answering daily trivia polls, completing daily goals and daily checklists, watching videos, and searching the web.

4) Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a great way to make money online. There are many sites that will pay you for completing surveys, including:

I recommend you sign up for those survey sites because they are very reputable sites and will pay you quickly.

5) Get Paid to Shop In Stores

Shopkick is an app that pays you just for walking into stores. Scan products to help bring attention to brands, and they’ll reward you. There’s no need to buy the product. It’s another win-win because the stores get more customers and you get free gift cards for shopping.

You can sign up here and get a bonus.

6) Sell Your Idea

Do you have a brilliant idea? You can make money from your idea by licensing your invention out to another business. But to protect your idea from getting stolen, you first need to file a provisional patent application (if your invention is patentable). Second, when pitching your idea you can use a nondisclosure agreement (regardless of whether it is patentable).

7) Write Web Content

If you have a talent for writing, how about you become a freelance writer and write content for bloggers. Bloggers are always under a lot of pressure to create more content and are willing to pay you for your services—making it a great way to make money fast.

8) Become A Proofreader

Do you love reading books and articles? How about making some money by proofreading them for people. A lot of writers out there are looking for individuals to do this job for them because it helps improve the quality of their writing.

9) Do Some Research For Someone Else’s Paper

Almost everyone had been in this situation before—you have a big assignment with a deadline coming up and there is no way you would be able to finish it on time! In times like these, offering your research services can definitely come in handy!

You can easily find people who need help with their papers online by going on Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. All you need to do is create a profile where buyers will be able to contact you and ask how much you would charge for your services. Once you have your profile up and running, it would be a matter of time before you’re making money.

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10) Scour Craigslist For Jobs

Scouring Craigslist may not sound like a way to make money fast, but actually, it can work. Sometimes you can find great jobs that are very easy to do and how much you get paid depends on how good of a job you do.

11) Become An Amazon Associate

Do you love shopping on Amazon? Then how about making cash by referring your friends to purchase through Amazon? Being an Amazon associate is how some people make money quickly online! All you need to do is sign up with an account, find products that are inexpensive and easy to sell, then refer your friends to Amazon so they can purchase through you!

12) Start a TikTok Page

Do you love watching hilarious videos on TikTok? Well, how about uploading your own funny and creative videos so you can make money too! You can make money by becoming a Tiktok influencer. However, you have to have tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of video views to get paid. How much you get paid is based on how popular you are.

13) Clean Houses

Cleaning houses can actually be a great side hustle that can make you a lot of money. How much you get paid is based on how big the house is, how long it takes to clean, and how dirty it was before. The more work you do, the more money you make.

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14) Manage YouTube Influencers

Do you have lots of friends that are popular on YouTube? Then consider becoming their manager. Managing other people’s YouTube accounts is how you can make some money fast.

15) Become An Umpire/Referee

Consider becoming an umpire or referee. There are plenty of officiating opportunities available in lots of different sports. For example, if you like baseball, you can make money by doing Little League games, high school games, and even professional games.

16) Work In A Restaurant

Working in a restaurant is a pretty popular place to work and make money. There are lots of different jobs you can do in a restaurant. For example, you could be the dishwasher, working at the host stand, serving customers, or even cooking the food.

This is a good option if you want to make $500 fast because as a server most of your income comes from tips (and a lot of your tips are in cash).

17) Renting out your car when it’s not in use

If you have a car that’s only used once in a while, renting it out when you’re not using it is an easy way to make money. How much you get paid is based on how often your car is in use. Check out sites such as Turo and Getaround to get started.

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18) Sell Your Graphic Designs

If you’re good at graphic design, then turn your talent into a way to make money. There are a lot of people that need graphic designers to make things such as logos, web designs, and business cards.

19) Become A Social Media Manager

If you love spending time on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok, then consider becoming a social media manager. You may be in charge of managing several social media accounts. Being a social media manager is one of the best online jobs and has become very popular these days.

20) Be A Personal Assistant

Sometimes people need some help running errands or organizing their schedules. That’s where you can come in and be their personal assistant. Find out how much they’re willing to pay you per hour or per task, and then use that start-up cash to make more money.

21) Enter A Skill-Based Competition

One way to make money fast is by entering skill-based competitions such as a singing competition, how fast you can solve a Rubik’s cube, or how many marbles are in a jar. For these competitions, you usually have to have some talent, but if you enter the competitions and win, you can make money fast.

22) Become A Personal Shopper

One of the easiest ways to make money is by shopping for other people. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, if you’re good at styling clothes, picking out outfits, or knowing what looks best on people based on their body, then people will gladly hire someone like you to do it for them.

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23) Enter A Sweepstakes

Enter a sweepstake every day and try your luck at winning some good money. There are hundreds of sweepstakes where you can enter for free. You never know how much money you’ll win, but it’s how to make money fast. You can find sweepstakes on websites like

24) Become A Mystery Shopper

Another way to make money is by becoming a mystery shopper. If you’re good at shopping, then getting paid for it sounds like a dream come true. Check out this article to find some of the best mystery shopping companies to work for.

25) Get Paid To Test New Products

Another way to make money fast is by testing new products. There are times when companies need people to try out their new products to see how much they like it, and they’re willing to pay you for your time.

26) Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

Do you have a stash of gift cards that you’re not using? Then consider selling them. There are lots of places where people sell their unwanted gift cards and how much you get paid depends on how popular your card is. You can sell your unwanted gift card to websites such as Raise and Gift Card Granny.

27) Run Errands For People

If you don’t mind running errands for people, then this is the perfect gig for you. You can make money by doing things such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or even walking dogs.

28) Sell Stock Photos

Are you good at taking pictures? If so, you can sell your own stock photos on websites like ShutterStock and get paid each time the photo is downloaded. You don’t need a lot of photos to get started.

29) Sell Your Own Printables

If you’re creative, why not sell your own printables? You can make your printables for free on a platform like Canva. Then you can try selling your printables on websites like Etsy to make extra money.

30) Do Small Jobs On Fiverr

People hire people on Fiverr to do small jobs for them. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your job is, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to complete it. How much you make from this depends on how good of a worker you are.

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31) Become a Freelancer

Another good idea to make money is becoming a freelancer. A freelancer is an independent worker who earns wages on a per-job or per-task basis, typically for short-term work.

You can have different clients that live all over the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can set up your own schedule. It’s up to you how much time you want to put in each day.

32) Get An Office Job

There are a lot of offices that need people to work for them. Entry-level jobs can include running errands, sorting and filing paperwork, and answering phones. How much you get paid depends on how much responsibility is given to you by your employer.

33) Become An Instagram Influencer

Do you enjoy taking pictures and posting on Instagram? Well, how about becoming an influencer and starting a business from it too! Brands are willing to pay you for promoting their product. How much you get paid depends on how many followers you have and how good your photos are.

34) Sell Website Designs

Do you have a knack for web design? If yes, how about you make money by designing websites for other people.

You can start this business online by creating your own store on platforms like Creative Market where people will be able to buy the websites you designed. Or you can offer your service in places like Fivver where you can make custom websites and charge more.

35) Get Paid to Listen To Music

If you’re a music lover, then why not make some money on the side by listening to music? Slice the Pie pays you to listen to new music. It’s a great way to discover new music while making some extra cash.

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All you need to do is listen to the songs and review the songs. Your reviews must be approved before you can get paid

36) Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative and technical support to others. This is the perfect type of job for anyone who wants to make money from home.

You can find legitimate virtual assistant jobs on websites like Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr. However, there are also other ways to get started such as offering your services on Craigslist.

37) Start A Pet Sitting Business

If you love animals and have enough time on your hands, then starting a pet sitting business is a great way to make money fast. You can sign up on websites like Rover or BidPets and get paid for pet sitting other people’s pets while they’re away.

38) Get Paid to Sell Used Books Online

If you enjoy reading books, then this is the perfect opportunity to make money fast. There are a lot of websites that will pay you a decent amount of money if you sell your used books to them.

One good website is BookScouter which helps you compare book buyback prices from several different companies at once. Simply type in the name of your book and it will show how much you can get paid for it.

39) Sell Your Old Clothes Online

A great way to make some money is to sell your old clothes on websites like Poshmark or ThreadUp. Poshmark and ThreadUp is an online marketplace that pays you to sell your old clothes.

40) Sell Your Stuff At Consignment Shops Or Thrift Stores

One way to make money is to take your stuff to the nearest consignment shop where they will resell it for you. You can also sell your stuff at thrift stores for cash, but your items probably won’t get as much money as they would on consignment.

41) Work At A Grocery Store Or Supermarket

Working at a grocery store or supermarket is how you can make money. This was actually my first job when I started working. Working at a grocery store includes working as a cashier, bagger, or stocker. A lot of grocery stores offer paid training for all of these positions.

42) Work At A Retail Store

Another great opportunity to make money is to work in a retail store. Retail stores need employees all year round because people continually buy things from them, whether it’s during the holiday season or because they need to replace items that are constantly running out. That’s why working at a retail store can be a great place for you to earn money.

shopping addiction

43) Donate Plasma For Money

Donating plasma is how some people make extra money. Plasma is the liquid part of your blood and it can be donated for money. The process of donating plasma is similar to giving blood, but it takes a little longer and can be a nice alternative to make money fast.

44) Become A Dog Walker

People are willing to pay you to take their dogs out for walks if they can’t do it themselves. If you enjoy being around dogs then dog walking is a fast and easy way to make money.

45) Sell Old Stuff

You can make money fast by selling stuff that’s just sitting in your garage. You can sell almost anything for free on Craigslist, Letgo, or Facebook Marketplace. All you have to do is post an ad describing what you’re selling and how much you want for it.

46) Have A Yard Sale

You can make extra money by having a yard sale. It’s best to do this on the weekends when more people are out and about looking for bargains.

My jewelry table at my yard sale this summer

47) Do Odd Jobs

Doing odd jobs is a great way to make money because you can usually find work anytime and anywhere. All you need is a willing customer and you’re all set to start making money. 

Some examples of odd jobs people do are mowing lawns, shoveling snow, washing cars, or walking dogs. If you can think of anything that someone would be willing to pay for, then you can offer those services and make money. You can simply post an ad for free on a website like Craigslist.

48) Participate In A Clinical Trial

If you have some time and are looking for a way to make $500, consider participating in a clinical trial. There are many online platforms where you can search for trials near you. Just make sure you read the fine print and understand the risks involved before signing up for anything.

49) Get A Part Time Job At A Local Business

You can make extra money by getting a part-time job at a local business. The best thing about getting a part-time job at local businesses is that their hiring practices are usually more lenient than the big corporations and they may pay you in cash.

prepaid debit card (why your budget doesn't work)

50) Organize Garage Sales For People

Organizing a garage sale can take a lot of work. So there are probably people out there that are willing to pay you for the extra help. You can make extra money and organize garage sales for people in your neighborhood.

51) Become A Tutor

If you’re really good at a subject and can teach other people how to be good at it, then becoming a tutor is how you can make money fast. You can charge per hour or give lessons during the weekend or after school hours.

52) Collect Bottles And Cans

Take back the bottles and cans in your household. Then, simply cash them in at a redemption center. If you want to make even more money take the time to go through your neighborhood and collect bottles and cans for recycling.

53) Help People With Technology

If you’re good with technology, then become an expert. Most people aren’t tech-savvy and are willing to pay someone who is. You can charge per hour or host online live chats where you help teach people how to use technology.

54) Teach A Foreign Language

Did you learn how to speak a foreign language in school or at home? If you’re fluent, then teaching that language is how to make money fast. You can charge per hour or teach during the weekend at your house or online.  

If you’re not fluent in any other language besides English, another option is you can teach English to foreigners.

Smart Ways To Manage Your Money

Now that you know how to make $500 and ways to make even more money by flipping your 500 dollars, you need to know how to KEEP that money. Here are a few tips to help you manage your finances:

Debt Tracker
  • Create a budget and stick to it. This is probably the most important thing you can do to stay in control of your money. A budget will help you track your spending and make sure that you’re not overspending on unnecessary things. If you need help making a budget, you can download my FREE Budget Binder.
  • Invest in yourself. Education is one of the best investments you can make. Money is one of the most important things in life, and it’s important to learn how to manage it correctly. By investing in yourself and your financial education, you’re making an investment that will pay off for years to come.
  • Start saving. One of the smartest things you can do with your money is start saving for your financial goals (such as saving to buy a house, car, or investing for retirement). If you don’t have a savings account yet, I would recommend opening one that yeilds high interest such as CIT Bank.
  • Use a credit card wisely. A credit card can be a great tool to help you build your credit score and improve your overall financial standing if used correctly. However, it’s important that you only use a credit card for things that you can afford to pay off in full each month. This will help keep your credit score in good shape.
  • Use the money to pay off high interest debt. If you have any high interest debt (such as credit card debt), using your $500 to pay off that debt will save you money in the long run. This is because the interest on your debt is likely costing you more than the interest you would earn on your savings account.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to managing your money better and financial success!

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As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to make money with 500 dollars. So don’t hesitate and start exploring your options today! Which method are you going to try first? Let me know in the comments below!

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