• 3 Easy Ways To Track Your Spending

    tracking your monthly spending

    The most important part of a budget is tracking your monthly spending.  However, sometimes the hardest part of budgeting (or sticking to their budget) is financial tracking. I totally get it! I hate tracking my spending too. Find out 3 ways to make tracking spending much easier. Set Up Your Budget Before we get into […]


  • How To Track Your Monthly Spending

    how to track your monthly spending

    Did you know, according to Business Insider, only 39% of U.S. adults keep track of their money? If you’re not paying attention to your spending, it will be much harder to achieve your financial goals. Find out some easy ways to track your monthly spending. How To Track Your Monthly Spending Once you make a […]


  • 9 Must-Have Budget Categories (and Percentages)

    cash envelope method

    Are you wondering “what categories should I include in my budget?” Or “what percentages should my budget be?” Find out the different must-have budget categories and percentages you should be spending for each. Budget Categories You Should Have In Your Budget: Housing: This accounts for your rent or mortgage, property taxes, home insurance, common charges, […]