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5-Day Budget Challenge Bundle (eBook + Workbook)




Do You Struggle With Any Of The Following?

  • Not knowing where to start when it comes to your budget.
  • You feel like you don’t have enough money to budget.
  • You need help deciding how much money to put in each budget category.
  • You don’t know what to do because you have irregular income.
  • You have a hard time sticking to your budget.
  • You always go over budget because you’re not prepared for unexpected expenses.


This budget bundle will give you a step-by-step guide to help you make a budget that works! No more wondering, “where do I start?” I will show you exactly what I did when I first started my financial journey. You will learn a proven plan to help you save more money and pay down your debt.


The Bundle Includes:

♦  78-page eBook that will teach you how to save more money and have a working budget in 5-Days or less

♦  5-Day Budget Challenge Workbook (17 pages of printables and worksheets) to help you complete your daily assignments to make a budget that works


The Workbook Includes:

♦  Monthly Budget Printable

♦  Monthly Budget Printable (Unfilled)

♦  Budget Categories List

♦  Cash Envelope Overview Worksheet

♦  Horizontal Cash Envelope

♦  Vertical Cash Envelope

♦  (2) Spending Ledger Inserts for Cash Envelopes

♦  Sinking Fund Worksheet

♦  Budget Checklist

♦  Daily Expense Tracker

♦  Debt Worksheet

♦ Debt Avalanche Worksheet

♦ Debt/Savings Thermometer

♦  Net Worth Worksheet




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