pay off your debt...fast!

The debt payoff spreadsheet has everything you need to get out of debt (and stay out of debt) once and for all!

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

(a $49 value)

*Please note this is a digital download.


tired of living paycheck to paycheck and struggle to get out of debt?

Debt Payoff Spreadsheet

the debt payoff spreadsheet will help you:

*Please note this is a digital download.

get started with paying off your debt today!

Pay off your debt FAST with the Debt Payoff Spreadsheet! This spreadsheet will help you create a fully custom debt payoff plan that keeps you motivated…so you can get out of debt and STAY OUT of debt forever.

*Please note this is a digital download.

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Introducing the

debt payoff spreadsheet

Demolish your debt with this easy-to-use Debt Payoff Spreadsheet. Use this spreadsheet to help you eliminate your credit cardauto loanstudent loan, mortgage, medical bills, and other debts.

Easily create a debt repayment plan based on the popular debt snowball method (paying the lowest balance first), the debt avalanche method (paying the highest-interest first), or experiment with your own custom strategy.

Here's what you'll get

SEE WHAT THE debt payoff spreadsheet looks like:


*Please note this is a digital download.


who am i to help you with your money?

I’m Dafina, a financial coach, lawyer, and the founder of Dollars Plus Sense. For years I struggled with trying to save money and get out of debt.

I’m a spender at heart, so it took a lot of tries before coming up with a system to manage my money that WORKED.

By making a plan for my money, I was able to eventually get rid of my 6-figure (non-mortgage) debt.

I’ve created the Debt Payoff Spreadsheet so you could experience the same results and get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible!

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Get the Debt Payoff Spreadsheet for just $19 (a $49 value)!

*Please note this is a digital download.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Debt Payoff Spreadsheet is for anyone who feels overwhelmed and struggles with getting out (and staying out) of debt. It’s also for anyone who’s ready to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and needs some motivation to stay on track during their debt-free journey.

The Debt Payoff Spreadsheet is designed to help you tackle your debt FAST.

It includes 5 different tabs to help you get organized and take control of your debt.

You also get an instructional video that explains exactly how to use the Debt Payoff Spreadsheet.

Your Debt Payoff Spreadsheet will be delivered to you instantly via email and will have a subject line that says “Your DOLLARS PLUS SENSE order is now complete.” You will then be able to download your Debt Payoff Spreadsheet directly to your computer.

Yes, you can edit the files. The download will be sent to you as a Google Sheet spreadsheet. You can edit the spreadsheets if you like.

You need a free Google account to use the spreadsheets in Google Sheets.

The Debt Payoff Spreadsheet is a $49 value, but you can get it today for only $19.

get the debt payoff spreadsheet

(A $49 Value)

*Please note this is a digital download.

I am so excited I found this!! My husband and I have a goal for by the end of the year to be done with credit card debt and knocking out my car payment. I'm so excited as this shows me exactly when we will be debt-free!
This spreadsheet is amazing! I was able to adjust it to my specific student loan situation to see what track I am on to paying them off.
So easy to use! Seeing it visually makes me want to be more aggressive with pay offs. This is exactly what I needed. I was going to make it myself but stumbled across this, bought it, spent 10 minutes filling it in and done.
This is exactly what I was looking for. Love how detailed this spreadsheet is and easy to edit. Thank you so much!