The Money Maximizer Blueprint

9 Modules 12 Chapters 42 Lessons Intermediate

About This Course

The Money Maximizer Blueprint is an online course designed to teach you how to  grow your wealth in your sleep . It’s a proven step-by-step system to help you manage your money better so that you can save more money, pay down your debt, and make smart investments…EVEN IF you feel like you’re really bad with money.

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Course Structure

3 Lessons


Welcome to the Money Maximizer Blueprint course. In this course, you will get the blueprint and step-by-step guidance you need to set financial goals, make a budget that WORKS, prepare for unexpected expenses, pay down debt, grow your savings, and start investing so you can meet your financial goals QUICKLY.

2 Chapters

Create Your Financial Plan

This module is all about getting clear on exactly what financial goals you want to accomplish and creating your financial plan. You will: 

  • Discover the power of your money mindset and a simple process to attract more money to you.
  • Learn the ONE thing you MUST do before you start your financial journey.
  • Make financial goals you can ACTUALLY accomplish.

It Starts With Your Money Mindset 2 Lessons

What Is Your Money Mindset?

Discover the power of your money mindset and a simple process to attract more money to you.

3 Chapters

Let's Create Your Spending Plan!

In this module, you will learn my 3-prong approach that will take you from struggling to make ends meet to saving hundreds of dollars every month. You will:

  • Get the exact blueprint on setting up a budget that ACTUALLY WORKS.
  • Learn an effortless way to track your spending and stick to your budget.
  • Find out how to analyze your cash flow so you can find hidden money every month.
3 Lessons

Plan For The Unexpected

This module is all about making sure your budget never fails again. No more starting over because something you don’t expect comes up. In this module you will:

  • Discover exactly how much money you need in your emergency fund...(it's NOT the amount you think it is).
  • Find out the exact tools and strategies you need to handle irregular and emergency expenses so your budget never gets thrown off again.
  • Learn the fundamentals of insurance and know exactly how much coverage you need.
2 Lessons

Perfecting Your Budget

Financial success isn’t about penny-pinchingit’s about spending money on the things you love and eliminating the rest. In this module, you will learn how to perfect your budget and stay motivated to keep going. You will:

  • Discover the secret of how I'm able to save over 50% of my income every month.
  • Learn how to effortlessly stick to your spending plan and know if your budget is working.
  • Find out this simple trick to help you eliminate having to write down every penny you spend.
3 Lessons

Understanding Debt

This module is all about understanding debt and making a debt repayment plan so you can get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible. At the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the cost of credit and how much you're REALLY paying when you swipe your card.
  • Find out the sneaky methods every credit card company uses to inflate your bill and keep you in debt—and learn how to avoid being suckered.
  • Learn a simple trick you can use to save the most money in interest payments and pay off your debt MUCH quicker than you ever thought possible.
4 Chapters

Ways To Save More Money & Create Your Savings Goals

In this module, I’ll show you how to save for retirement, big-ticket items (such as a home), and how to achieve your biggest financial goals. You will:

  • Learn the basics of retirement planning, how much you need to save, asset allocation, and tax consequences of retirement accounts.
  • Discover three easy ways to save the MOST money every month.
  • Calculate exactly how much house you can afford and a simple trick to save yourself a ton of money when buying a house.
3 Chapters

Investing Fundamentals

The key to success at this point is to grow your wealth without having to work more hours. In module eight, you will learn the truth about investing—and chances are, it’s not what you think it is. You will:

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of investing and how to understand the risks involved.
  • Find out my secret formula to help you know what your safety/risk allocation should be at your age.
  • Learn 4 easy ways you can make money in your sleep—even if you have very little money to start.

Safety & Risks 1 Lesson

Asset Allocation & Diversification 1 Lesson

4 Ways You Can Invest 4 Lessons