Cash Envelope System (Without Cash)

Lesson 15 Chapter 1 Module 4

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In this lesson I’m going to continue our review of some popular budgeting systems to help you choose the right budgeting system for you. Each method has its pros and cons, therefore, keep that in mind before you make your decision.

So let’s talk about the cash envelope method...WITHOUT cash!

Your Actionable Steps For This Lesson:

  • Watch the video
  • If you plan to use this budgeting method:
    • Download and print out your Daily Expense Tracker
    • Determine how much you’re going to spend in each budget category
    • Track your spending every day

In this bonus video, I'm going to show you how I use the cash envelope method (without cash) to help me get all the benefits of cash envelopes and keep my spending under control. 

*Note: you might want to watch the video in full screen mode so it's easier for you to see.

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